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Mercury Insurance Company was established in 1962 by George Joseph in Los Angeles. A.M. Best Company rated
Mercury an A+ “Excellent.” This company offers customized and affordable insurance plans for auto, home and
growing across the country especially in Florida. They offer policies to all types of drivers including those that have a
hard time getting insurance.

Celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2012, Mercury believes one reason for their success is the trust they’ve build
with customers. Forbes magazine is an American business magazine that has named Mercury one of “America’s
Most Trustworthy Companies.” Personal service is about developing personal relationships with your customers.
Mercury earns the trust of people through their outstanding agents who build long term relationships with their
friendly attitude still talks to policyholders on the phone and answers their questions.

Mercury has approximately 6,700 independent agents. These agents offer insurance in the states of Florida,
California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Virginia, New York, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Arizona, New Jersey and
Illinois. You can type in your zip code on the Mercury Insurance website to find an agent near you. Mercury licensed
agents answer your questions and help you find the coverage that’s best suited for you and your family. Contact
your agent by phone or e-mail if you want to make changes to your policy. You can find your agent’s contact
information on your proof of insurance card or Mercury bill. It’s required in Florida to have a paper proof of insurance

Mercury offers a Mechanical Breakdown Protection plan which also saves you money because of the no cost
benefits that come with the plan. These include 24 hour roadside assistance & rental vehicle, tire protection, trip
interruption campaign and nationwide protection. You can take your vehicle to any licensed U.S. repair shop. This
plan covers new and pre-owned vehicles.

If you own a business, you can get Florida commercial auto insurance from Mercury. This type of insurance is for
many different industries such as wholesale, office, sales/marketing and construction. Some types of business
vehicles that can be insured are passenger vehicles, vans, pickups, flatbeds and stake trucks and refrigerate and
utility trucks.

In 2011, Mercury Insurance Company launched the “Don’t Text and Drive” public service campaign. Texting while
driving is a dangerous activity and raises the risk of an accident. Mercury’s goal is to raise public awareness about
the dangers of texting while driving, which can help save lives.

Mercury Insurance Company has a good reputation for affordable insurance. This company not only provides full
insurance coverage but offers additional coverage that saves you money. They have good relationships with both
their customers and agents. Mercury gives full support to their independent agents.
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