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This section of our website is a basic “how-to” guidebook for purchasing auto insurance. The company and
agent, completing the application and reviewing your policy are outlined. A strategy that expands on this basic
information will help maximize the value received from a policy. Over the course of a lifetime an individual will
typically spend tens of thousands of dollars for auto insurance. State mandated
Florida No Fault PIP PD
insurance. Every policy sold must include at a minimum these coverages. There are many other options and
levels of insurance protection for the policyholder to consider. However, many people just want the
Florida No
Fault facts for the bare minimum and we’re happy to provide it. The PIP coverage portion of the basic policy has
a few different selections. Although this is part of the minimum required coverage there are
PIP options to lower
quotes. Besides these choices, everyone has to make dozens of others. They make a big difference in the
protection, and its cost, a policyholder receives. Learn the basics, options, and discounts you need to know for
smart choices.

The chance of a successful automobile insurance policy purchase is greatly increased when following the
basics. These general steps, outlined below, are to assist you in purchasing a policy. For a more detailed
discussion of each step follow the links that are provided. Information throughout this website is designed to
inform and assist the policyholder. Florida Auto Plus insurance agency is dedicated to serving the needs of all
Florida residents.

Selecting Coverage Options
Knowing exactly what features you want included in your policy is the first step. Purchasing any product or
service without knowing exactly what you want can lead to confusion and dissatisfaction. Also, a proper
comparison of any product or service is dependent on evaluating the same or very similar features. Basic
coverage options available on a policy are liability, medical payments, uninsured motorist, damage to your
automobile, transportation expenses, and personal injury protection. Once you have decided on the features
you wish to purchase it’s time to shop around.

Comparing Rates
Insurance companies deliver their product to consumers in three distinct ways. Captive agents, independent
agents and direct from the company are the methods utilized. Captive agents are licensed agents who
represent one company. State Farm and Allstate agents are examples of captive agents. Independent agents
represent a variety of companies. Geico is an example of a company which markets their policies directly to the
A thorough comparison of policies should include rates from each of these methods. Be wary of
submitting personal information online to comparison websites as this poses a risk of identity theft, spam mail
and unwanted solicitations.

Choosing a Company and Agent
The lowest rate should not be the only factor in determining which agent or company you select. Well known top
rated companies will provide the best customer and claims service. There are more than enough companies
which qualify and that have competitive rates. Agents, captive and independent, work on behalf of the
policyholder. Having an advocate on your side who is a trusted professional can be invaluable.
Florida Auto
Plus Insurance is an independent agency representing an excellent selection of companies. Being independent
provides us the flexibility to change insurance companies for policyholders when rate revisions or life
circumstances increase premium.

Completing the Application
Insurance companies rely on the information provided on the insurance application to determine eligibility and
rates for a specific policy. Incorrect or incomplete information on the application may result in an increased
premium or a claim being denied. Understanding and fully completing all the questions on the application is
ultimately the responsibility of the policyholder. When you sign the application you are confirming its accuracy.  
Do not simply sign where an insurance agent points his finger or highlights a page. Read the application before
you sign on the “dotted line”.

Reviewing Your Policy
After the company issues your policy review all the documents. An auto insurance policy is a legal and binding
contract between the policyholder and the insurance company. The contract consists of the declarations page
and the policy jacket (booklet). These documents are relied upon when enforcing the contract.  A simple error in
the seventeen digit vehicle identification number (VIN) can delay a claim or present an administration hassle
when proof of insurance via the VIN number is unavailable.  An undisclosed driver can lead to a denial of a
claim. Reviewing your auto insurance contract for accuracy and making any necessary adjustments will avoid

Company selection
It is unrealistic for an insurance agent or agency to become an expert with all available insurance companies
because there are simply too many. Each auto insurance company has its own set of rules, guidelines and
procedures for determining the premium (price) for a specific risk (policy). After many years of experience with
dozens of Florida auto insurance companies our agency has carefully selected the companies we represent. All
of our companies consistently receive top ratings from independent rating services such as AM Best, Moody’s,
and Standard & Poor’s. All of our companies provide exceptional customer and claims service. Our mix of
companies provides a fair and thorough representation of the rates that are available to policyholders from any
insurance company. Becoming proficient with the companies we represent enables us to extract the best
possible rate that the company offers for a specific risk.

Rate trend analysis
Florida car insurance companies typically revise rates and underwriting guidelines twice per year. All revisions
must be approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services and are a matter of public record. Keeping
up-to-date with industry trends and the direction of specific companies is a key element in providing the lowest
rate for the life of your policy. Pending rate increases are easily avoided with this approach.  

Life cycle events
Considering changes, before they occur, which materially affect the Florida auto insurance policy is a key
element in keeping cost low. A great example is when a teenager is about to receive a learner’s permit. Some
companies will charge an additional premium when a youthful operator receives their permit. Other companies
will not charge an additional premium until the full operators’ license is issued. Knowing in advance saves

Coverages, discounts & deductibles
A careful examination of policy options will detect unnecessary and redundant coverage.  Coverage of this
nature affords little or no additional protection for which a premium is collected. An excellent and often
overlooked example of this is the work loss exclusion for Personal Injury Protection (PIP). This exclusion
eliminates compensation for lost wages if you are unable to work due to a car accident. An unemployed or
retired individual has no need for this coverage. There are numerous insurance discounts which are not
obvious or automatic.  Advance quoting, advance placement and hybrid vehicles are a few examples. We utilize
every discount offered to lower premium for the benefit of our policyholders.
Raising a deductible will lower
premium. Choosing a higher deductible on PIP medical benefits is sensible when other health insurance is

Rate tier assessment
All insurance companies categorize their policies into different rating tiers. The industry term for this process is
market segmentation and each company has their own unique proprietary method. A clear perception of the
methodology utilized in market segmentation by each company we represent provides a powerful advantage for
securing the lowest rate. Our strategy for ongoing rate tier assessment and placement, yields lower rates for
our policyholders long-term. Comparative rating software utilized by most insurance agencies and online quote
engines does not implement a strategy for moving polices to more favorable tiers, with lower rates, when
opportunities arise.  

Not everyone has a good driving, accident, or insurance history. Many of these drivers are required to maintain
court ordered
insurance to reinstate their license. Proof of insurance is established with the DMV by way of an
SR22 form. Bodily Injury Liability (BI) is required and coverage is commonly referred to as
Florida SR22
insurance. Liability limits to satisfy the SR22 requirement are 10/20/10. No matter what type of coverage you’re
required or want to have there are big differences in the price between companies.
Shopping for Florida car
insurance quotes can save plenty of money. Because rates frequently adjust a low cost policy can easily turn
into a high cost policy. Having a good strategy and applying it consistently will yield a low cost policy for life.
Shopping for auto insurance is the same where ever you live. However, insurance laws are different for each
state. In every Florida, city, town or neighborhood car insurance requirements are the same. Polices are legal
contracts which can make them difficult to understand. Know what you’re getting upfront by asking lots of
questions when receiving a quote. Start saving today.