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 Our priority is your satisfaction. Our Florida car insurance quotes are unmatched. Quoting is a lifetime
commitment to clientele.  We never stop working to lower your cost. Our goal is to earn your confidence and respect.  
Your successful quote experience is our mission. Whatever the outcome we are thankful.

Find a Florida car insurance quote comparison for any type of vehicle or driver any way you like it. From minimum
requirements to full coverage, from high limits of liability to low deductible selections we support your choices. Call for
a quick quote or an in depth review. Simply receive a rate quotes over the phone or have the estimated prices sent
to you in the mail or electronically. We’re here to provide service in a way that best suits you.

Once you’re a client we never take you for granted. We comparison shop your car insurance at every renewal
interval or when there is a significant change. We monitor client’s policies carefully to ensure accuracy and a hassle
free experience. Your concerns are our priority and we respond promptly. As independent insurance agents we work
for policyholders of insurance contracts  not companies. We provide agent representation dedicated to earn your
trust everyday for the life of the policy contract.

Buying auto insurance in Florida cities, towns and villages, or anywhere for that matter, should not only be about
cheap quotes. Quality companies with the right type of coverage will go a long way in providing valuable protection
and a satisfactory experience. We offer competitive quotes for every type of driver.
FR-44 Florida auto insurance
Florida SR-22 filings are welcomed here. Basic car insurance information with links to additional details is
provided.  When a driving record and other rating factors improve we find lower rates.

Cheap Florida auto insurance quotes are a claim (almost) every company and agency makes. In fact, they “scream”
it at you all the time. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more is a prime example. They also tell you (shout really),
free, fast, speedy etc…and, good drivers, bad drivers, young or old drivers qualify. The message is everywhere i.e.
television, radio, mail, Web sites, billboards, bus benches, etc… It all just “boils down” to this, “anybody can get a
quote, it does not take very long, and everyone knows about it.” Would you agree there is too much screaming and
shouting?  I do enjoy a funny commercial, but not the same one after a hundred times.      

No hype here, just the facts. Well, maybe a little hype (but no screaming). At Florida Auto Plus Insurance, it is not just
about saving time and money today. We implement a strategy to
lower your car insurance cost for life. For our
clients, we offer a comparison quote at each renewal interval and significant policy change. This is our lifetime
commitment for keeping your car insurance cost low. This is our truth and we sincerely hope not too much hype.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide a quote and take it seriously. We value your relationship. Everyone
receiving a quote is welcome for a future quote, consultation, or assistance with any insurance related matter.  
For us, just one quote begins a relationship we value.

Quotes provided by us are accurate and thorough. We take the time to discuss, consult, and suggest appropriate
alternatives. We do not judge. If you are in a hurry and not interested, we are able and happy to accommodate you.  
Either way, your quote experience with us will set the standard for what you should expect from other agencies.

We do not endorse submitting personal information online to a perfect stranger. A telephone call allows us to
introduce ourselves and interact with you. We encourage questions and listen carefully. Being accurate and
thorough does not mean slow. Each person and circumstance is unique. How long it takes depends on you.  

Thank you for visiting our Web site. Please call us for a quote. We are here to earn your trust and respect. Every
client relationship we enjoy begins with a quote. We value your phone call and the opportunity to quote your auto

When you call for a quote, we may find a lower rate, maybe not. You may become a client, maybe not. You might tell
someone else about us, maybe not. Whatever you decide, we are grateful.  Thank you.