Many drivers immediately think about the effect on their auto insurance after a ticket or accident. How much will my
insurance go up? Should I make a claim? In such predicaments a decision to pay the fine, go to court, or attend
traffic school is easy to make. By comparison, the dilemma of DUI in Florida is difficult, complicated, and expensive.
Insurance related questions always include; how do I reinstate my license and how much will it cost?

To reinstate your license, you must demonstrate proof of financial responsibility, to the Florida Bureau of Financial
Responsibility, with a Florida DUI insurance policy. After buying the correct type of policy, the company will
electronically submit proof to the bureau. The DMV database will be updated, usually within two business days,
indicating your eligibility for license reinstatement. This process is called
FR44 Filing and it is straightforward, quick,
and has a $15.00 filing fee. The tough part is finding an affordable Florida DUI insurance quote with a payment plan.

Florida raises liability limit requirements for a convicted driver. This coverage is in addition to the
Florida No Fault
bare minimum of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability (PD) required for all cars and
trucks. It is important to note that vehicles with less than four wheels are exempt from No-Fault. Satisfying Florida
DUI insurance requirements with Florida FR44 Filing by motorcycle insurance avoids the underwriting hassle and
inflated expense of PIP. Nevertheless, considering all types of coverage and their options is the best way to choose
your policy. Simply buying what is required often leaves drivers unprotected.

Minimum liability for drivers needing Florida DUI insurance are 100/300/50 split limits or 300,000 combined single
limit. These amounts are ten times the normal minimum requirement of 10/20/10 or 30,000. Although these limits
may seem like a bit much, it is for good reason. Statistically, people who have had a conviction are prone to receive
another, and accidents they cause tend to be more severe. Anyone can become a victim of an impaired driver, so
the elevated liability limits helps to protect everyone. Higher limits and costly coverage also serve as deterrents.

When shopping for Florida DUI insurance, or any type of policy anywhere, look at companies and agents licensed in
that state. Laws, rules, and regulations, are state specific and designed to protect policyholders, companies, and the
general public. The best place to find trusted information is directly from your state on their website. Keep in mind;
getting good value for a policy is much more than just finding the cheapest rate. Convicted drivers can get Florida
DUI insurance quotes in just minutes; however, making good choices takes more time.

Coverage available on any specific policy will have a variety of different features to mull over. Deductibles, limits,
and exclusions are the common ones. At a minimum every car and truck policyholder has
PIP options to consider.
No one wants to spend more money than they have to for a suitable policy. Always ask plenty of
questions when
getting a quote. Considering a policy carefully, like any other major purchase, makes good sense and will help to
reduce rates while keeping you protected.

Shopping for Florida DUI insurance can be like driving on an obstacle course at night with sunglasses on. It can be
pretty dark and bumpy when you find out
what is necessary for license reinstatement. You may have received a
cancellation or nonrenewal from your current company. At Florida Auto Plus Insurance we want to make your
experience easy and painless. A conviction on your MVR will obviously increase your rates. Just as obvious is the
fact you should not overpay. Drivers deserve excellent service from their agent and company no matter what
appears on their MVR.
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