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There are many reasons why a driver may require SR22 filing to Florida’s Bureau of Financial Responsibility.
Maybe you received too many points for multiple violations or had an at-fault accident without minimum coverage
in effect. What matters to us is providing you with an affordable policy to reinstate and maintain your driving

If you’re looking for a filing to be correct and fast then give us a call. Once you are a client we never forget about
you. The tickets or accident causing this situation does not stay on your record forever. At each renewal our
agency will examine your policy and search for lower cost alternatives. Any opportunity to save you money, during
or after your compliance period, is discussed with you.

SR22 Insurance Florida:

This is actually not a type of Florida auto insurance. It is the name of the form used by companies to certify
compliance for persons required to maintain
minimum limits of liability insurance. The form is submitted by
companies to Florida’s Bureau of Financial Responsibility on behalf of their policyholders.

For most residents the
minimum mandatory auto insurance is $10,000 of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and
$10,000 of Property Damage Liability (PD). Bodily Injury Liability (BI), required by SR22, is in addition to PIP and
PD for persons who meet certain criteria. Drivers with an at fault accident causing injuries, while not having liability
coverage or the ability to pay for damage themselves, will likely be required to obtain a filing. Certain traffic
violations, or a suspension for too many points on your license may necessitate one as well.

Minimum BI limits to be in compliance is $10,000 per person and $20,000 per accident. This coverage is in addition
to the required $10,000 of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and $10,000 of Property Damage Liability coverage
required by Florida law. A combined single limit of liability in the amount of $30,000 would also fulfill the

The cost for a policy is the same regardless of a filing requirement except for a $15.00 filing fee.
drivers who are required to file an SR-22 generally pay more than others for a policy due to the reason
for the filing, such as an at fault accident, or too many points from multiple violations.

Once mandated to file, failure to do so may result in your driver license and or vehicle license plate being
suspended for up to 3 years. Reinstatement will only occur after certified proof is once again filed with the Bureau
of Financial Responsibility. Reinstatement fees will apply in addition to the $15.00 filing fee.

The Bureau of Financial Responsibility is a division of the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. Their primary
objective is to make sure drivers are accountable if they become legally liable for damages involving motor
vehicles. The Bureau will assist consumers in the collection of payment for damages caused by the liable party.

If a liable party has
no insurance at time of accident and is unable to compensate for damages their obligated to
pay, a judgment against them from a court of law may be obtained. Once a final judgment is obtained the
Bureau of Financial Responsibility has the authority to suspend the liable individual’s license and registration as
long as 20 years or until the judgment is satisfied.

Many consumers are unaware of the Florida Financial Responsibility law when shopping for the
lowest priced auto
insurance. It’s only natural, when on a tight budget, to inquire about minimum coverage which does not include
Bodily Injury in this State. In an effort to secure new clients, by offering cheap rates, agencies often fail to explain
the consequences of not carrying Bodily Injury Liability on their policy. Typically, policyholders become painfully
aware of the Financial Responsibility law after they have been in an at fault accident causing injuries. It’s smarter,
safer, and far less expensive to obtain coverage which complies with the this law before an accident happens.
Avoid having a judgment against you, your license and registration suspended, and having to file SR22 by being
properly insured before an accident occurs.

Being in compliance does not protect you from being sued by an injured party. Having liability limits of $10,000 per
person and $20,000 per accident does not go very far when a major accident causes severe damage.
Higher liability limits should be carefully considered when purchasing a policy. If budget constraints prevent you
from purchasing more than the minimum BI and you are  successfully sued for more than those limits, at least the
Department of Motor Vehicles and its Bureau of Financial Responsibility will take no adverse action against you. It’s
far less treacherous to include the minimum
Bodily Injury Liability on your quote then to have your license and
registration suspended until a judgment against you is satisfied.

Another advantage of obtaining BI is that you will qualify for better rating tiers (categories) from your company.
A better tier means
lower overall insurance premiums. Many of the top rated, most reputable, companies will not
offer a policy without BI. Companies always offer a discount for consumers who maintain a policy without a lapse in
coverage that includes BI. Over the long term, if you consistently carry this coverage on your policy, not only will
you be in compliance with the Financial Responsibility Law, you will
save money on your automobile insurance

If you have been in an accident and sustained injuries from an at-fault and uninsured driver you can seek
assistance from the Bureau of Financial Responsibility in collecting damages from the liable party. Obtain a crash
report from the law enforcement agency investigating the accident along with a final judgment from a court of law
and send to the Bureau. They will take immediate action against the at fault driver and
suspend their license and
registration for as long as 20 years or until the judgment is satisfied.

A Driver convicted of DUI as of February, 2008 is no longer required to file SR22. The
Florida FR44 insurance
filing with higher liability limits is now used for these drivers. Policies and procedures for submitting both filings is
essentially the same. 100/300/50 is the minimum limits required for
Florida DUI insurance which is ten times the
standard base amount of 10/20/10. Policyholders in this predicament should learn all they can by visiting this page
of our site: Florida FR-44 basic information.

Florida SR22 related articles and websites

Car Insurance With Sr22
This is an ordinary policy with liability limits that meet or exceed the minimum financial responsibility requirements
of the state where it is issued. For a wide variety of reasons, many drivers are required to demonstrate proof of
insurance to their state authority to reinstate and maintain driving privileges. We are a family owned insurance
agency specializing in car insurance with SR22 for all of Florida.

Florida SR22 Details to Reinstate License
Not all requirements are exactly the same for everyone. Stipulations of a court ordered suspension may have
different requirements to satisfy. Whether or not Bodily Injury liability has to be included, how long the compliance
period will be, and how a policy may be paid for are the key differences. Here are the facts you need to get “back
on track” with your license.

SR-22 / FR-44 Form and Filing to the Bureau of Financial Responsibility
Policies and procedures for completing and submitting these forms are the same. The differences between the two
are the reasons for their necessity and the type and amount of coverage that is required. The Florida Department
of Highway and Motor Vehicles Website explains that the only function of the Bureau of Financial Responsibility is
to make certain drivers take responsibility for their dealings involving motor vehicles.

SR-22 Florida Auto Insurance Basic Information
This article was first published on Ezinearticles.com in February 2009 clearly explainiig the basics for a policy with a
filing. Since that date the article has been viewed thousands of times yielding hundreds of inquiries to our agency.
We have become experts at assisting drivers who need their license reinstated with a policy they can afford.
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