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How long does it normally take to get a quote when I call 305-278-1388?
Each individual circumstance is different.  A person who is requesting a quote for one car, one driver, and minimum
coverage options will take considerably less time than someone with multiple drivers, multiple cars, etc...

What personal information will be required in order to give me an accurate quote?
You need your license number, sex, marital status, date of birth, social security number, VIN number, and driving

Who should be included as a driver under my Florida Auto Insurance?
List all drivers in the household, including domestic help, and any other regular drivers who will operate the vehicles
listed on the policy.  Failure to do so may be considered a material misrepresentation and may result in the
cancellation or rescission of the policy. Every member of the household aged 15 or older must be included on the
application either as a "rated driver" (covered to drive the vehicle), or as an "excluded driver" (not covered to drive
the vehicle).

Will Florida Auto Plus Insurance verify my driving record?
Yes.  In order to receive an accurate rate a motor vehicle report will be requested from the Florida Department of
Motor Vehicles for all listed drivers.

Do I need to include all of my registered vehicles?
Florida auto insurance law requires all registered vehicles in the state to maintain minimum required auto insurance.  
All vehicles in the household must be disclosed (but not necessarily included for coverage) on the application.  
Insurance for all the vehicles in the household does not have to be with the same company.

What Florida coverage options and limits should I select?
There are many options, limits, and deductibles to choose from on a policy.  Each individual circumstance is different
and careful consideration of all coverage options, along with their limits and deductibles, should be examined before
making a choice.

What information do I need to purchase my policy?
For all car insurance policies:  Name, address, license number, date of birth, social security number, sex, marital
status, information for all drivers, occupation for all drivers, any medical or mental impairment affecting the ability to
operate a motor vehicle for all drivers, all vehicles and how they are used. Various companies will require additional
and different information.

How accurate is my quote?
If all information provided is accurate, the quote received will be accurate.  Incomplete or inaccurate information will
result in an incorrect quotation.

Will my license be suspended after an accident with no insurance?
Not necessarily but it may be. Court ordered suspensions are common for drivers who have an accident with no
insurance. If you were at fault and injured someone with no insurance a
Florida SR22 insurance policy to reinstate
your license will likely be required.

Will a DUI conviction on my Motor Vehicle Records appear permanently?
Insurance companies typically look back 3 to 5 years on your driving record. For DUI related offenses many
companies will look back 10 years or more and some will not allow multiple DUI convictions regardless of how long
apart they may be.

What type of insurance is required after an alcohol related offense?
Bodily Injury Liability must be maintained on an Fr 44 Florida auto insurance policy for 3 years after a DUI conviction.
The minimum limits are 100/300/50 for the DUI driver.

Where do I bring required proof of insurance to reinstate my license?
Do not go to the Department of Motor Vehicles with insurance documents to reinstate your license. Proof of
insurance to reinstate a license requiring an
Fr44 or an SR22 are filed with the Florida Bureau of Financial

Do I have to bring my car for an inspection to buy a policy?
There are 7 counties in the State that require a vehicle to be inspected if Comprehensive and Collision coverage is
purchased. Depending on which city or county in Florida you live, purchasing a policy may require an inspection due
to Florida law. Individual companies may have additional inspection requirements.
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Everyone seems to be in a hurry when comparing  
quotes for a policy. Insurance companies have a
tendency to promote this behavior through advertising.
Geico is the most obvious with their 15 minutes could
save you 15% or more campaign. Purchasing
coverage can be tricky and new drivers are especially
vulnerable. Receiving a quote, completing an
application, and purchasing a policy will take more than
15 minutes.
Even consumers who insist on Florida No Fault
deductible is increased or coverage reduced the cost
of a policy generally decreases. Deductibles and work
Even consumers who insist on loss exclusions are
options available on every loss exclusions are Florida
car insurance policy, but often overlooked. Choosing
coverage options that are well suited for the
policyholder are important considerations that should
not be rushed.
Adding BI coverage to a minimum contract can qualify
an applicant for lower overall rates. Youthful operators
with a learner permit are rated drivers with some
companies and not others.  Advance quoting and but
not well known to the general public. Shoppers who
take time and ask questions during the process will
improve their odds of a successful purchase.
Policies can easily become more complicated and
costly. Drivers with minimum coverage who cause an
accident may be required to purchase
SR22 Florida
insurance with BI limits of at least 10/20/10. Others who
unfortunately receive a DUI will have to buy
Florida insurance with limits of at least 100/300/50. No
matter your specific circumstance there are options on
every policy that can lower the cost.
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