The SR 22 form is used to indicate proof of insurance when it’s required for license reinstatement. Stipulations of
a court ordered suspension may have different
requirements for the SR-22 to satisfy. Whether or not Bodily
Injury liability has to be included, how long the compliance period will be, and how a policy may be paid for are
the key differences.

Drivers without insurance that cause an at fault accident that includes property damage only will require a
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability (PD) policy. For this type of SR-22 only a non-
cancellable policy (paid in full) is acceptable and the compliance period is for 2 years. When people are hurt in
an at fault accident then Bodily Injury Liability (BI) is going to be required. Acceptable BI limits are $10,000 per
person and $20,000 per accident and the compliance period for this SR 22 is 3 years.

No matter which SR-22 is needed the cost is determined by the underlying insurance and a $15.00 filing fee.
When a policy with an SR 22 is canceled the insurance company is required to report this on form SR 26. If the
individual has not placed insurance with a new policy then their license will be suspended and reinstatement fees
will apply once insurance is secured.

All forms are submitted to Florida’s Bureau of Financial Responsibility. Insurance agents no longer issue pink
slips that can be physically taken to the DMV for license reinstatement. Today, all forms must be submitted
electronically and drivers must wait until the process is complete and the records are updated. Insurance
companies have as long as 15 days to file after a new customer accepts
a quote for insurance and an
application is completed.

For DUI drivers an FR 44 insurance filing is required which will indicate increased Bodily Injury Liability limits of
100/300/50. Compliance with these different types of financial responsibility certificates is not usually the only
stipulation for a license reinstatement. Driving school, substance abuse counseling, and community service are
all typically imposed.

The standard minimum Florida car insurance requirements are determined by the Florida No Fault Law.
Everyone wants to pay as little as possible for insurance; however, nobody wants to be left unprotected. Each
policyholder must decide for themselves the right balance. There are many policy coverage options to consider.

Every policy at a minimum must include PIP and PD insurance coverage. It’s important to remember that even
minimum requirements have options to consider. When shopping around compare apples to apples and
ask lots of
questions when receiving a quote. Your policy is not going to be the most expensive thing you shop
for; however, it’s something you buy over and over again. If you pay just a little bit less each policy period your
lifetime savings can become enormous.
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