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Florida Auto Insurance is our specialty.
Clifford Schimek is a resident Florida insurance agent since 1987 with experience in all forms of insurance.  Florida
Auto Plus Insurance specializes in Florida auto insurance.  Focusing our attention on Florida auto insurance has
enabled us to become extremely proficient in the product and service we offer.  Our insurance company partners
have been carefully selected and provide unsurpassed benefits for policyholders in the Florida auto insurance

On August 24, 1992 hurricane Andrew permanently changed how insurance companies marketed their products to
consumers in Florida.   Prior to this event it was commonplace for consumers to have all their different types of
insurance with one company.  There were Prudential families, Allstate families and State Farm families.  After
hurricane Andrew these companies, and others, began to withdraw from the homeowners’ insurance market due to
huge financial losses.  The risk associated with homes damaged by hurricanes continues to prevent companies
from selling and renewing homeowners’ insurance policies in Florida.  Most recently, State Farm announced their
intention to non-renew all of their remaining homeowners’ insurance policies in the state.

This new reality enabled Florida Auto Plus Insurance to direct attention toward auto insurance and remain relevant
and competitive.  No longer can families easily maintain auto and home insurance from the same company receiving
a multiple policy discount.  Our refined expertise in Florida auto insurance translates to unmatched value for our
policyholders.  Most new customers of Florida Auto Plus Insurance are referred by existing clientele.  Low priced
quality auto insurance for the life of your policy is our primary objective.  Many other agencies work diligently to
attract new customers and then fail to continue with the same effort during the policy period and at renewal.  We
never stop working toward lowering your auto insurance premium, without sacrificing service or protection, at every
opportunity for the life of your policy.

Hassle free service and informative advice compliments our low price and enhances our customers’ experience.  
Professional, knowledgeable customer service representatives await your inquiry by phone and our website is
continuously revised to provide the most up-to-date information.  We believe the internet and our website are great
research tools for the auto insurance consumer.  Florida Auto Plus Insurance agency cautions consumers from
providing personal information online and purchasing auto insurance without consultation and review from a
licensed agent.  We do not ask for personal information online and do not sell policies through an interactive
website.  Our philosophy is consumers are best served when a quality licensed agent is involved in the auto
insurance process.  

Often insurance consumers will purchase an auto policy, pay with automatic electronic transfers, and forget about
their policy.  Many insurance agencies also forget about the policy and simply continue collecting commission from
the company without doing anything for the policyholder.  Our insurance agency never forgets about your policy.  
Every policy change and each renewal is reviewed for accuracy and lower cost alternatives.  Switch to Florida Auto
Plus Insurance for the savings, stay for the service, and continue saving for the life of your policy.
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Florida Auto Plus Insurance agency is the best choice for all your Florida car insurance needs because of the
practices, procedures and guidelines that are strictly adhered to in all our business dealings.  Our policies are
effectively communicated to all staff members and continuously monitored.  Correct information and documentation
is the foundation of this course of action.  Besides being dedicated and detail oriented, we are courteous, friendly,
and prompt.  We provide this service while offering
competitively priced insurance from a variety of top rated
companies.  Our success and philosophy is achieved by exceeding customers’ expectations.   

Mistakes, mishaps, etc… are all too common in the insurance marketplace and badly affect people every day.  
Trouble may start at the beginning when
initiating a quotation request.  Without accurate quote information, a well
informed decision is not possible.  Also, incorrect or incomplete information during the quoting process may be
transferred to the insurance application.  Too often an agency will reduce or eliminate coverage options to achieve
a competitive price without informing or explaining the adjustment to the customer.  An insurance agency that
misquotes you is not at liberty, due to Florida auto insurance law,
to adjust the price to match the quote at time of
purchase.  Florida Auto Plus Insurance will quote the correct price and explain all coverage options including limits
and deductibles.

The application is a critical document that forms part of the auto insurance policy.  Each question needs to be fully
understood, and answered completely and correctly, to avoid problems.  The policyholder, or named insured, is
responsible for the information provided.  The consequences from incorrect information can be anywhere from a
small hassle to a denial of claim.  We encourage applicants to read the questions and corresponding answers
carefully.  Anytime there is a claim the insurance company reviews the application.  Even a small error such as an
incorrect letter or number on the seventeen digit vehicle identification number can delay a claim.  An undisclosed
driver of a vehicle can deny a claim even if this omission was unintentional.  Florida Auto Plus Insurance avoids
these hazards and many others like them, because the applications we submit to the insurance companies are

Correct and complete applications do not prevent processing errors by the insurance company.
We inspect every document the insurance company issues for accuracy and correct any mistakes that may have
occurred.  We notify customers of any errors and assure them a corrected document will be issued.  Every
interaction and transaction, with our customers and companies, is documented in an individual electronic file
specific to the named insured.  If clarity regarding any situation is necessary the electronic file can be reviewed at

Protecting customers from these hazards, and others, is one excellent reason to choose Florida Auto Plus
Insurance.  Another reason is price.  Customers of ours do not pay more for the excellent service and protection
that is provided.  A variety of top rated companies are utilized to secure the lowest rate.  We also check and
comparison shop for you at each renewal or anytime a substantial change during the policy period has occurred.  
The price, service, and protection offered through our agency makes us the best choice for car insurance in every
Florida city and neighborhood.

We are Florida car insurance experts. From
basic PIP/PD insurance to high liability limits we have the experience it
takes to get the job done right. Saving you money while providing valuable car insurance protection is our mission.
Financial responsibility
filings to Florida’s Bureau of Financial Responsibility are completed electronically for license
reinstatement. We explain fully all the types of coverage and deductibles available and never assume what you
want or need. Even the most basic
required minimum coverage has options that can save you money.

FR 44 basic information for DUI drivers is a must read for those who have been convicted. For drivers with court
ordered suspensions the pink slip of paper that was once used to indicate proof of insurance is now obsolete.
Habitual traffic offenders accustomed to buying
Florida SR 22 insurance will now have the filing completed
electronically by the insurance company. Please remember, for minimum or maximum coverage, Florida No Fault,
SR 22 or FR 44, we’re experienced and ready to help you.

Your telephone call is important to me and our entire staff.  I would like to personally thank you for contacting us
today, you’ll be glad you did.  This website and our telephone call center are dedicated to assisting fellow Floridians
with any Florida auto insurance inquiries.  The information we provide is accurate, up-to-date and personal.  We do
not utilize website templates or automated telephone attendants.  All the information provided by this website is
prepared by me for the benefit of all Florida auto insurance consumers.  I and our entire staff of licensed agents
provide individual attention through our call center.  Once again, thank you.